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According to media reports, why is there slow 4G speed in India? One reason for this may be network coverage. Internet speed is based on signal coverage. According to earlier, there has been an increase in 4G coverage, but currently, there is no such company in India, which can fix it completely. After Jio’s arrival in the telecom market, the focus of all companies has increased more on the price of plans. In addition, network capacity may also be one of the reasons. If the network is made of optical fiber instead of copper cable, then the network speed is more likely to be fast. Jio is better than the rest of the networks in this case because it has the largest optical fiber network.

After this comes Airtel. In this case, Jio is ahead of other companies. How to improve 4G speed? The telecom operator is also the reason behind the low 4G speed. 

Actually its coverage at the beginning of 4G will obviously not be that much, but after the arrival of Jio, the spectrum of users using 4G increased completely. Due to this large number of shifts, the range of smartphones coming with 4G LTE connectivity has increased. You can improve 4G speed a bit by following some tips by yourself.

Changes in the settings of the phone like this: 4G revolution came in this country only a year ago, but 4G smartphones were already present. If you have an old smartphone and it is 4G, then go to the mobile network settings of the phone and enable 4G as a preferred network type.

Make the choice of a smartphone with good antennas When buying a phone, we look at the camera, RAM, processor, etc. But have you ever bought the handset after seeing the antennas of the phone? New 4G Phones are being introduced almost every day in the smartphone market. In such a situation, good quality antennas are used on every phone. So before buying a phone, also check what is the quality of its antennas? Apart from this, you can also check your phone’s APN or access point network. It is important to choose the right APN later. Go to your Phone Settings> Mobile Network> Access Point Names and click on the menu at the top of the page and reset your APN by default.
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